Use Blind Shipping to expand your service area

Printerpoint can help revolutionize your business processes. Now that Printerpoint not only tells you when ink is low, but gives you a simple way to have it delivered directly to your customer, there are endless possibilities of how to refine your business and cut costs. But you’re not ready for a full overhaul yet, right?

I get it. You still have huge boxes of ink sitting in your warehouse that you ordered months ago and, yes, they’re selling steadily, just like they always have. But are you selling them in the most efficient way?

Let’s talk about one of the early adopters of Printerpoint, DES Reprographics. I’ve mentioned them on this blog before, and they are longtime Sepialine resellers.

DES is based out of Santa Clara, California, and the bulk of their customers are within 10 miles - San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino and Sunnyvale. You’re probably familiar with those cities from the tech giants that made them famous - Apple, Google, Yahoo, eBay, etc. It is a forward-thinking region, and any services company based there needs to be on the forefront of technology.

But the Silicon Valley’s reach has pushed north of Mountain View, and many tech giants, like Twitter, Yelp and Sepialine, are based in San Francisco. It is no surprise that DES has pushed their service area up to San Francisco and beyond - 45 miles out of their comfort zone.

In the past, when DES customers would request replacement ink, it was no problem for a tech to hop in a car and drive it across town. This required maintaining a small fleet of delivery vehicles and paying for skilled technicians to sit in traffic. When the price of gasoline neared $4 per gallon, DES realized there was a better way: use a web-based on-demand delivery service. Being in the Silicon Valley has its benefits, and DES found a reliable, inexpensive service called Deliv that offers same-day delivery at a price less than what it would cost to ship it through UPS or FedEX. DES Technicians are freed up to install and fix devices, rather than driving around delivering ink. When a customer needs ink, someone at DES boxes up the package, and a Deliv driver shows up within 2 hours to take it across town to the customer.

The catch? Deliv only has a 20-mile service radius. So for San Francisco customers, someone at DES puts the cartridge in a box, slaps a UPS label on, and spends $12 for a big brown truck to drive it into the city the next day.

Then Printerpoint introduced blind ship supply ordering! Now, instead of pulling ink from their warehouse, packaging it up and paying UPS to send it up the road, cartridges are shipped directly from the nearest National / AZON Equipment warehouse, directly to the customer, all with the click of a button. The box has a DES return address, and a DES packing slip, so the experience for the customer is the same. DES pays the same per-cartridge price from NAE whether they buy it in bulk one at a time, because NAE knows that DES will still sell a certain number of cartridges per month regardless of when they buy them. Will Printerpoint outseat Deliv as DES’s local delivery service too? “Possibly,” says Paul Quiroga, Director of Sales at DES. “It’s even easier to hit a button in Printerpoint and have ink show up at the customer’s door two days later. We’ll always need same-day delivery as an option too, so the two services will co-exist at DES.”

Stay tuned for more tales of how dealers are saving money and time automating their wide format fleet management with Printerpoint!