Track Ricoh GlobalScan NX with Argos 7.6.9!

Track Ricoh GlobalScan NX with Argos 7.6.9!

Argos OnBoard for Ricoh tracks walkup copy and scan activity on Ricoh MFDs, and requires a user PIN code to access the panel. But what if you use Ricoh GlobalScan NX to automatically route scanning to different places on your network? You may have noticed that since those jobs are scanned outside of the standard Ricoh environment, Argos OnBoard doesn’t see them.

Ricoh GlobalScan NX is a powerful scan routing solution used by large enterprise firms to provide common scan folders, email address books and other features across a fleet of MFDs.

Sepialine is proud to announce that Argos 7.6.9 fully supports the Ricoh scan environment with our new GlobalScan NX integration! Every scan, either through the standard panel interface or through GlobalScan NX, can now be tracked and billed accurately in Argos.

Argos 7.6.9 includes several other features and improvements, including:

  • Simplified device group and media setup
  • Device Asset tag field for enabling advanced reporting
  • Further improvements to HP Pagewide XL/Designjet walkup copy tracking
  • Updates to Canon OnBoard and Xerox OnBoard services to improve reliability and logging

See the full list of changes in our release notes.

Argos 7.6.9 is available for download now as a 10-day free trial for new customers, or a free upgrade for existing customers. Download the latest version of Argos today!