Supply Ordering is Here!

In the past few months we’ve been adding features to Printerpoint that serve as the foundation for a big announcement we’ll be making later this year.

We strive to make Printerpoint the simplest and most flexible remote device management solution on the market. By adding supply ordering to Printerpoint, we make device management even simpler. Read a press release about Printerpoint supply ordering here.

How does Printerpoint ship supplies?

We’ve partnered with the largest distributor of wide format equipment and supplies: National / AZON Equipment. NAE has warehouses around North America and can either blind-ship supplies straight to your customers, or send them to your office. Supplies are fulfilled the same day as they are ordered, and Printerpoint is connected to your existing NAE ordering account. You’ll get the same low price whether you order through Printerpoint or by calling your NAE rep directly.

What is blind shipping?

You have a relationship with your customer, and when they order supplies from you, they expect to get them from you. Blind shipping keeps Printerpoint and National / AZON invisible from your customer. When you order supplies through Printerpoint, they are shipped from the nearest NAE warehouse, but come with a return label and invoice with your company name on them. This keeps the relationship in your hands - not your distributor’s!

How supply ordering works

Printerpoint monitors your devices and know when ink is low.

Once a day, you’ll get an email listing all devices that need replacement supplies:

Click “Order from AZON” to have supplies shipped to your office or direct to your customer:

Click “Fulfill in-house” if you’re going to replenish this order yourself:

What's coming next?

Device notifications, supply ordering and the other great features we’ve been rolling out are valuable on their own, but just wait until you see what we’ve got planned for the rest of the year! More details coming soon...