Sepialine Announces Argos 7.6.4

Sepialine Announces Argos 7.6.4

Rejoice! It’s time for the first Argos release of 2016! Meet Argos 7.6.4.
What’s so great about Argos 7.6.4? This release is all about stability and speed. We have optimized a number of components to perform better in remote WAN environments, companies with large numbers of projects, and large numbers of users.

Communication Service

The Communication Service is the lifeblood of Argos – all information flows through it. This means that if the SQL database is down, or a WAN connection is disabled in a remote office, everything keeps working. We’re always looking for ways to improve the performance and stability of the Communication Service, and in version 7.6.4, we’ve made some serious changes. These changes will be most noticeable for companies running Argos in a data center configuration, where several thousand users from multiple offices are connecting to a single communication service. However, all customers will benefit from the performance changes.

Desktop Client

The Desktop Client has been optimized to better handle project lists involving hundreds of thousands of codes. The search-ahead functionality has been improved as well as better handling when a remote communication service is suddenly unavailable. We’ve also expanded our localization in the Desktop Client to include French and French Canadian language pack support. Oui oui!

Additionally, there is a new administrative option for Job History editing in the Desktop Client. You can now limit user job history editing to “up to 7 days old”, in addition to “up to 14 days old”, “up to 30 days old”, “current month only” and “any date range”. If you want your users to be able to address billing mistakes themselves, but not do it after data has already been sent to your accounting system, this is a great way to do it.

Xerox OnBoard

A few changes to Xerox OnBoard have been added to this release. This includes better support for running large numbers of Xerox devices from a single OnBoard service, user group filtering within the Xerox adapter to limit which user PIN codes can unlock which devices, and some updates to our Xerox Secure Release workflow.

Deltek Vision 7.5 Support

For Deltek Vision customers using Round Trip Integration with Unit Data Entry (that’s a mouthful, but if you know who you are!), Argos 7.6.4 is required if you upgrade to Vision 7.5. Part of the new multi-company support functionality that Deltek added in the latest version requires that we send Unit Data information in a different way. Argos 7.6.4 fully supports Vision 7.5.

New Date Filtering options for Reports and Data

7-day and 14-day reporting options have been added to the Argos Manager reports and data filters. Additionally, automated weekly and bi-weekly reporting via email is now supported, so you can set up customized reports to be sent once a week, or once every twice a week.


Is that it? Mostly. But we’ve also made some minor changes to our HP Designjet adapter, Océ adapter, Canon OnBoard and addressed some performance issues in the Argos Manager. And we’re not stopping there, we have big plans for Argos throughout 2016!