Sepialine 2017: Learn to Stop Worrying and Be Nice to our Support Department

Sepialine 2017: Learn to Stop Worrying and Be Nice to our Support Department

Sepialine’s New Year’s Resolution for 2017 was to “Make life easier for the support department.” If you’ve interacted with our support team, you know they work hard, work fast, and are ready for just about any curveball you can throw at them. Late last year, we asked our support team to identify key issues that come up regularly in support calls. If we can remove the most common issues that cause customers to pick up the phone, we’ll have happier customers and a happier support team. And a happy support team is crucial in our office because seriously, we don’t like to hear them complain!

Argos 7.7.0 was released in October 2016 and included some long-standing customer and sales team requests, such as Automatic Print Queue Merging, Data Archiving and KIP System K support. When we flip that “second digit”, it usually means a big change. So when we went from 7.6 to 7.7, it was a big deal internally.

What you may not have noticed is that we’ve snuck out THREE releases since October! Typically in a minor release, we either include one big feature, or several small improvements and bug fixes. Every update since 7.7.0 has been focused on making life easier for our support team. So here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve done since then:

Argos 7.7.1

  • Support MacOS Sierra
  • Track walkup scanning on HP DesignJet and PageWide XL
  • Fix issue with MacOS client
  • Fix user push to KIP System K devices
  • Change “Settings” tab

Argos 7.7.2

  • Import users from SQL Server
  • Fix issue with Xerox Convenience Authentication
  • Fix issue with incorrect Océ Plotwave tracking
  • Remove legacy tracking components from Manager (PCounter, ZPrinter)
  • New Communication Service Health Page
  • Fix issue with Windows prints tracking 3x on Océ devices
  • Fix issue with Argos Agent service crashing in rare instances
  • Fix date format issue on UK-specific reports
  • Fix issue when importing three-tier billing code text files
  • Fix issue when scheduling data export on 30th day of the month

Argos 7.7.3

  • Support hostname or IP address connections for Xerox Secure Release
  • Resolve issue with custom installation process
  • Resolve issue with device group order when selecting multiple devices
  • Add support latest Sharp MFPs with Argos OnBoard for Sharp
  • Mac print queues can be disabled from Argos Manager
  • Resolve issue with HP Pagewide XL devices reporting incorrect time
  • Support Windows 10 workstations in Deployment Center
  • Resolve default project issue in OpCenter Plotworks adapter
  • Resolve issue with searching filenames in Argos Manager
  • Resolve tracking issue with KIP adapter in non-English environments
  • Remove Printing Rules from Manager
  • Hide MPS tab from Argos Manager
  • Require valid license for automated tasks
  • Resolve issue with archive export for non-English environments
  • Add Secure Release device licensing

That’s a lot of features, and I’ll bet a lot of that seems pretty esoteric. But, if you are an Argos admin, there is probably at least one feature in that list that you’re excited about. And our support team? They are ecstatic.

But all good things must come to an end, and in our next release, we’ll be turning our attention back to our poorly neglected sales team, who are begging and begging for new sexy features so they can sell, sell, sell without the support team losing their minds!

Click here to download Argos 7.7.3!