Printerpoint Helps Large Format Printer Dealers Move From Reactive Services to Proactive Service

Printerpoint got a big makeover this week, and it all starts with how we handle Service Alerts. Large format printer service is typically reactive—a customer complains about a problem, and a technician is dispatched to solve the problem. With Printerpoint, one of our goals is to help you transition to a proactive model: problems are resolved before customers know about them, and many problems are averted by scheduling preventative maintenance on your printer fleet. How does Printerpoint help? Read on.

Service Alert History

Know every problem that has ever shown up on a printer, when it happened and what the meter showed when it happened.
Service Alert History

Notify Your Techs

Need to dispatch a tech to solve a problem? With one click, the customer name, printer model and issue details are sent to your technicians immediately. With some printer models, we’ll even send them a link to service documentation showing how to fix the problem!
Notify Tech

Service and Supplies are Separate

In the past, we lumped service alerts and supply level alerts into one single list. Now they are separate, so your service department can handle service problems and your supply department can fulfill supply orders separately.

We’re Digging Deep

The service makeover doesn’t stop there. We are heading right back under the hood to look for more ways to help your service department run more efficiently. Got a suggestion for how to help achieve that goal? We’re all ears!