Printerpoint Just Cracked HP Print Categories Wide Open

Printerpoint Just Cracked HP Print Categories Wide Open

Pricing for Maximum Profits

HP's Large Format Print Categories are based on how many “non-white pixels” are in a print job. The simplest way to setup a profitable contract is to assume every print your customer makes falls on the high end of non-white pixels in each category.

  • Mono Line Drawings: < 10% Non-White Pixels (and no color)
  • Color Line Drawings: < 10% Non-White Pixels (with color)
  • Low Density Images: 10%-50% Non-White Pixels
  • High Density Images: > 50% Non-White Pixels

So, you would set pricing assuming 10% ink usage on Line Drawings, 50% for every Low Density Image, and 100% for High Density.

Fine-tune the Categories To Fit Every Contract

To stay competitive with your pricing, HP allows you to adjust the pixel coverage per category on the printer. If the customer prints a lot of “high end” Low Density Images in the 45-50% range, you could nudge the percentage of the High Density Images category down just a little so those report in the next category up. Then, you can safely lower your per-click rate for the Low Density category to match the new average density.

That’s just one quick example of how you can utilize the new pixel density data in Printerpoint to build the most profitable MPS contracts. Have other contract or pricing ideas? We always love to hear how folks are using Printerpoint to move their business forward.