Printerpoint is Pagewide XL ready, are you?

If there is one term that has dominated the large format industry over the past year, it is PAGEWIDE XL. It is a term that evokes pride, fear, excitement, disdain, concern and confusion, depending on who you are talking to. HP, the company that is bringing Pagewide XL to the market later this year, has introduced a true game changer, not just in equipment functionality but also in contractual selling. Every manufacturer, dealer and reseller we talk to has strong opinions about what Pagewide XL means for the industry, and that is the sign of a successfully disruptive product. So congratulations, HP!

Like it or not, Pagewide XL is coming. If you are one of the lucky 50 initial Pagewide XL dealers, you are likely scrambling right now to figure out how to make a profitable business model with these revolutionary new devices. You’ve been to conference after conference, sat through endless presentations, and you’re probably still not sure how to make money with contractual sales and Pagewide XL.

Sepialine has been working on contractual sales models for inkjet large format devices for years. When HP introduced the Designjet 4000 in 2006, we knew that there was something unique about the way these devices worked, and saw the potential for MPS-style billing on these devices that were historically used only for occasional marketing prints. That’s why we developed the ink coverage category system that has since become commonplace in the large format color industry. It took almost another decade before the manufacturers caught up with devices that could truly compete with LED, and Pagewide XL is the most high-profile equipment release to date that employs print categories for contractual billing. The innovative eight-printhead technology in Pagewide XL makes highly economical prints with brilliant color images in record time.

There are lots of ways to price and place HP Pagewide XL devices, and while we have our opinions about the best ways to do it, we’re not here to convince you one way or the other. Printerpoint, our HP-certified device management software, doesn’t judge either. Printerpoint supports the original ink coverage billing, Pagewide XL print categories billing, and even straight paper and ink meter billing. However you choose to present these devices to your customers, Printerpoint has your back. We work closely with HP and Pagewide XL dealers to make sure that the billing methods you need are a part of Printerpoint.