Océ Application Categories

Océ Application Categories

We launched Printerpoint several years ago when we saw an opportunity for large format inkjet printers to compete in a space primarily occupied by toner-based printers - technical production. As firms that primarily print technical drawings began to see value in adding color to their documents, the initial response by most print providers was to drop off an inkjet printer, typically an HP DesignJet or Canon iPF, that sat idle most of the time until someone wanted a document with color. Monochrome printing on the toner-based printer was cheap, color printing on the inkjet was expensive, so it was used sparingly.

As inkjet printer manufacturers were able to increase print speeds and lower costs, dealers began to offer their customers a single inkjet printer that does color and black and white. By using Printerpoint’s innovative billing methods like HP Print Categories, dealers are able to charge competitive rates for technical printing while charging more for the lesser-used high-density print jobs.

Manufacturers of toner-based printers took note and released color printers that could compete with quality and price on color technical drawings. The only thing missing was a way to segment printing into different billing methods.

Sepialine has worked with two major manufacturers—Océ and KIP—to develop a way to track printing on toner-based color printers in Printerpoint in the same way we track inkjet printers—with categories.

With that, we are proud to announce the release of Printerpoint’s support of Océ Application Categories billing method. With select Océ Colorwave printers, you can now segment printing by the following categories:

  • B&W CAD
  • Color CAD
  • Mixed
  • Graphics

By creating contracts based on these four price points, instead of just color and BW, you can outsmart your competition. When factoring color printing into a contract, a dealer typically has to leave “wiggle” room for graphics-intensive images, even if the customer indicates they will primarily print line drawings and maps. If an employee prints a full-color photo of their family, or their kid’s baseball team on the color printer, that single print can use as much toner as 20 color line drawings. With razor thin margins, this could mean you lose money that month.

Océ Application Categories ensure that every print job is billed accurately, and the customer knows how much they will be charged based on the type of print they make. Some dealers charge for the total amount of toner used each month, but this can be confusing for the end users because they have no idea how much a print job will cost them ahead of time. Providing category billing means that they will be able to understand and estimate their costs ahead of time.

Océ Application Categories are supported on the following Océ printers and this feature is available to all Printerpoint users at no extra cost:

  • Colorwave 500
  • Colorwave 700