Meet the latest feature: Device Discovery

I get excited about every new Printerpoint release, because it gives us an opportunity to solve another problem for one of our customers, or make their day-to-day business run a little smoother. We update Printerpoint every 2-4 weeks, so I get excited regularly. And this week, we’ve got a pretty amazing new feature that we think will save you a lot of time!

Device Discovery

We use the tagline “spend less time managing your device management software” with Printerpoint, and it is a guiding principle we keep in mind during all new software development.

We take the idea to heart, and we owe a lot of our early success with Printerpoint to this idea. Other device management software is hard to use, and we heard all sorts of complaints about how much time it takes to set up and manage. The less time you spend using our software, the closer we are to meeting our goal.

With that goal in mind, we present to you Device Discovery. It isn’t hard to add a device in Printerpoint, but we wanted to make it even easier. Until today, all you needed to create a device was an IP address, but now you don’t even need that.

Device Discovery allows you to find any large format printers on your customers’ networks. We’ll present a list of all the equipment, and you choose which devices you want to manage. It is simple, quick, and removes one more possible roadblock to getting your customers’ devices up and running in Printerpoint.

Never hunt down and IP address again

Like many of our features, the idea for Device Discovery came out of conversations with equipment dealers who were looking for ways to speed up their Printerpoint rollout. There were two specific scenarios that we kept in mind when developing this feature.

“I have a customer with 100+ devices at offices spread across a 500 mile geographic area. They don’t keep a centralized list of device IP addresses. I can only add devices when one of my technicians goes onsite to service a machine and makes a note of the IP address.”

For this dealer, the Printerpoint rollout took a long time because their customer did not know the IP addresses of their devices, or have a way to locate them on the network. Device Discovery would benefit them by going through the entire network and generating a list. The dealer will still need to find out the different subnets for remote offices, but the IT staff has this information readily available.

“I have hundreds of devices at different customer locations. It will be a big project to ask all my customers for all these IP addresses!”

This is a more common scenario we see. A dealer is excited to rollout Printerpoint and start managing devices. They can get the customer to install the Printerpoint agent easily, but getting a device IP address can be hard - employees don’t know it and wouldn’t know how to get it from a print driver or elsewhere. With device discovery, a dealer can quickly add devices at different customer locations in Printerpoint.

Seek and destroy the competition

Responding to an RFP or trying to take over the large format business at an existing customer? Here’s where Device Discovery can really make you money. By installing the Printerpoint agent on a prospect’s network, you can find all the current equipment they are using, and monitor usage in Printerpoint to see how they print. With Printerpoint’s instant historical usage, you can find out within minutes the typical print volumes for several months at a time on existing equipment, and recommend replacement devices. This reduces the typical assessment period from three months down to a day or less. A competitor who instead checks the meter read once a month manually to determine usage will be left in the dust as you will have a proposal in front of the customer months earlier!

No need to upgrade

Want to use Device Discovery with an existing customer? Don’t worry, you won’t need to upgrade the Printerpoint agent. We do everything we can to release features that require no customer updates, because that can be hard. Device Discovery will work with the existing Printerpoint agent you already have at your customer site!