KIP Tiers (& Tears of Joy) Flow Right into e-automate

KIP Tiers (& Tears of Joy) Flow Right into e-automate

Printerpoint just released a new feature that tracks the new KIP Tiers billing categories and effortlessly transmits them to e-automate.

What are KIP Tiers?

KIP provides five customizable billing categories on their color printers so you can charge your customers accurately for the type of documents they print. Since the categories are customizable, you can tailor each contract to meet the needs of your customers.

The default Tiers are:

  • BW Line (0-10% coverage)
  • BW High Density (10%+ coverage)
  • Color Line (0-10% coverage)
  • Color Low Density (10-50% coverage)
  • Color High Density (50%+ coverage)

KIP Tiers + ECI e-automate

And now that Printerpoint integrates directly with ECI e-automate, your monthly meter reads are transferred automatically to your ERP on the billing date.

Using a different ERP? Just get in touch – there are numerous options for integrating with Printerpoint.