How Printerpoint Supply Orders Made Me Stop Worrying And Love My Printers

How Printerpoint Supply Orders Made Me Stop Worrying And Love My Printers

We’ve got one last Printerpoint release for 2017 that we snuck in just before the holidays hit, and this one has a feature that will lay the groundwork for what we’ve got in store for 2018: Supply Orders!

“But wait, I’ve been able to order supplies through Printerpoint forever? This isn’t new??!?!”

Yes, fair reader, you are correct, but we’ve made some massive changes that include a new workflow for how you can process supply orders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Printerpoint’s Supplies section has been revamped to feature a “to do” list of open supply orders. As soon as you approve an order and send it to your fulfillment team, it drops off the list.


“Where do these ‘orders’ come from?”

The printer! Each printer you manage through Printerpoint can now create its own “want list” of ink/toner and media that it needs. This can be based either on what is currently in the printer (a cartridge is low) or based on the inventory levels set up per printer (there’s only one roll of bond left on the shelf, time to send some more).

For dealers who have MPS contracts, cost-per-click, or other arrangements where the dealer is responsible for sending supplies when the printer needs them, the new Supplies Orders workflow will save time and money while ensuring no order falls through the cracks.

“OK, but what if one of my customers wants to order a roll of specialty paper? What if I don’t manage supplies, and my customers just call me when they need something?”

Sit tight and log into Printerpoint in early 2018 - we’ve got big things planned!