Epson Joins the Argos OnBoard Family!

Epson Joins the Argos OnBoard Family!

Are your customers asking for tracking software that works with print servers, direct-from-workstation printing, cloud printing, or a custom workflow? Are they using small format, large format, or color production printers? However your customers print, Argos helps you say “Yes” to everything they need.

Now Track Epson WorkForce Activity

Argos OnBoard for Epson MFPs tracks prints, copies, and scans directly from the Epson printer, not the Windows print queue. This means accurate tracking that always matches the meter. Every page is tracked, paper sizes are 100% accurate, and even on multi-page print jobs that are canceled mid-print only the pages that printed are tracked.

Built With the End-User in Mind

Argos’ main selling points aren’t just about tracking. It won’t interrupt a user’s workflow and it helps them assign costs. With tracking that doesn’t stop their prints, simple PIN/prox card authentication at the panel, and billing at their computer, your Epson customers will love Argos.

For the full list of supported Epson models, head to our website.