Customers Are Throwing Your Ink Away!

Customers Are Throwing Your Ink Away!

Printerpoint has a groundbreaking update for you. Now, you can see how much ink was left in a cartridge when it was replaced. The mystery is solved! You'll always know which MPS customers are putting your profits in the trash.

Know How Much Ink Is Wasted

When your MPS customers remove an ink cartridge, you'll see every detail:

  • Date
  • Customer
  • Printer
  • Cartridge Type
  • Percentage of Ink That Remained

With this data front and center, you'll be able to make a friendly call to your customers to change that wasteful behavior and put profits back in your pocket.

Get the Most Out of Every Droplet

Now that you know the true yield of a cartridge, you could start including replacement thresholds in your MPS contracts. Or call up the manufacturer for better pricing.

… and yeah, this feature works for toner, too!