Canon TX Series integration added to Argos and Printerpoint

We’re excited to announce that both Printerpoint and Argos support the latest generation of Canon large format printers–the imagePROGRAF TX series. The TX series is geared towards customers who want high productivity and cost-effectiveness with technical and full color printing.

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Our integration with the TX series is a direct result of our deep partnership with Canon. Sepialine is a platinum partner in the Canon Alliance Partner Program (CAPP). As a platinum CAPP member, Sepialine receives extensive technical and marketing guidance as new product lines are rolled out, so our software integration can be available as soon as Canon’s new products are released.

By working with our partners in the printing industry, we are able to share ideas and bring solutions to the market that promote profitable contracts for all.

In both Argos and Printerpoint, we use a proprietary Sepialine technology to categorize ink usage per print into separate categories. This method allows equipment dealers to offer lower cost-per-use pricing on TX series printers by charging for more than just standard color and BW print costs. We categorize printing the following way:


By tailoring a contract to a customer who primarily prints line drawings, a dealer can offer a lower price per click on print jobs that use a small amount of ink, while charging a premium for the jobs that use much more ink. This gives the end customer a very competitive price, while ensuring that the dealer does not lose money if the customer prints more expensive documents.

Canon Ink Coverage Categories aren’t just for dealers - AEC firms who get reimbursed for printing costs from their clients can use Argos to categorize their printing so invoices will reflect the same charges they are paying their equipment dealer.

Canon integration isn’t just for the new TX series printers. The same features are available for most imagePROGRAF and PRO series printers from Canon.