Argos Release Station – Add Secure Release to any printer

Argos Release Station – Add Secure Release to any printer

Secure Release is a popular feature with multi-function printers (MFPs). Companies that print sensitive information rely on Secure Release to keep confidential information out of the wrong hands, and companies worried about the bottom line use Secure Release to keep print waste costs down to a minimum.

Secure Release can be driver- or server-based, but in both cases, some interaction is required at the printer to securely release the print. But what about printers that don’t have secure release capabilities?

Print Management providers have come up with a variety of solutions for these printers. The most common options we see are:

Mobile Release apps

This is a “sexy” feature, but in practicality, hard for companies to implement. Employees print to a print queue that is controlled by the print management software, and then use an app on their mobile device to release the print. The Argos Mobile Release app ups the ante by adding “Point to Print” workflow – just point your phone at the printer and your prints come out – but it still requires everyone to install the app, and have their phone with them whenever they want to print.

Release Station PCs

The Release Station PC is a dedicated computer that sits next to a printer, where users can log in, see their print jobs, and release them to the printer. The downsides?

  • Requires a dedicated computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Usually web-based, so runs in a web browser. Anyone can close the browser, check their Facebook account, or leave it in a state where the next person can’t release their print
  • Extra equipment is overkill for a single printer

We know the need is there for Secure Release on these devices, but the current solutions fall flat. So with that, we are proud to introduce our newest product:

The Argos Release Station!

The Argos Release Station runs on a locked-down Android tablet, and can be installed on 7, 9, or 10 inch tablets, depending on your budget and size restrictions. Release Stations can be mounted next to or directly on existing print hardware.


  • Argos Secure Release can be “locked” to a tablet, so no other applications can be accessed and it cannot be closed.
  • Argos Secure Release can run on a wide variety of tablet hardware, so any budget can be accommodated.
  • The touch-screen interface is similar to the panel-based Secure Release applications on MFP devices.
  • Works with virtually any printer, including desktop, wide format and production equipment.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Argos Global Print for pull printing, and Argos Cost Recovery.
  • Can be used with a single printer, or serve as a central Release Station for multiple devices.
  • Any number of Release Stations can be installed on a network.

Existing Argos customers can add the Argos Release Station at no charge – just upgrade to Argos 7.5.8 and follow these steps to install on an Android Tablet.

The Argos Release Station is a free add-on to Argos Professional and Argos MPS!