Argos OnBoard for Ricoh is Updated and It's Awesome

Argos OnBoard for Ricoh is Updated and It's Awesome

No matter how your customers print, Argos helps you say “Yes” when they ask if your tracking software works with print servers, direct-from-workstation printing, cloud printing, or any custom workflow. And because Argos tracks prints directly from the Ricoh (not Windows) you’ll always match the meter.

Argos OnBoard for Ricoh Tracks Everything

The latest Argos update offers big tracking improvements for Ricoh MFPs.

  • Every print and copy is tracked
  • Paper sizes are 100% accurate
  • Per-page color tracking is 100% accurate
  • Canceled jobs aren’t tracked
  • Partially-printed jobs are tracked (only the pages that printed)

For copies & scans, users log in at the panel with a PIN or prox card. Argos tracks everything after that.

Argos OnBoard for Any Printer

Just placed a large format printer and your customer has existing Ricoh MFPs? Great! Profit from every printer, even ones you didn’t place at a customer site, by including Argos OnBoard as a solution. Need more info on Argos or the Ricoh updates? Just let us know.